Whether this is your first time getting Naked or you get Naked every day, we thank you for visiting our site! 

Our Birth:

In the Summer of 2009, two people decided to go on an adventure.  With the slump in the economy, a decision was made to take a dream and give it some feet and see if it could walk on it’s own.  Naked Salsa was born several years before in the kitchen of the Jennings’ house as a yummy recipe that friends and family enjoyed.  There was no measuring of ingredients and the peppers we used were usually just what we had laying around.  But the more salsa we made, the more our friends and family wanted.  Soon it became apparent that what we had was an addictive snack treat that could be shared with more than just our tiny circle of the world.


Nearly 6 years later, what used to be a home-recipe is fast becoming a local phenomenon.  What started as just a few flavors had grown to nine with more in the development stages.