Naked Salsa is a unique approach to a snack favorite with a special blend of spices mixed with only the freshest ingredients.

Naked Salsa offers a refreshing and healthy snack that is bold and extremely addictive!


Here are our current Flavors:

Mild- A wonderful blend of spices with just a hint of jalapeno; all the flavor without the burn.

Medium- This kicked-up cousin of the mild is just a little bit wilder.  More pepper blend makes this bold flavor a favorite. 

Hollapeno- Some Like it Hot!  Your taste buds will be screaming for more with a generous helping of 6 different peppers. 

Ol’ Smokey- Hickory Smoked Habanero peppers deliver a wonderful robust pepper flavor while creating a full on assault to the senses.

Angry Scotchman- A spicier relative to the habanero, Scotch Bonnet peppers will arouse your taste buds and shock your mouth into submission. 

Amy’s Blend- She is sweet to you in the beginning and without warning delivers a swift kick of habanero right where it counts.

The Ghost- True to its name, the Ghost Pepper’s heat will haunt you long after the salsa is gone.  Are you man enough to take on the world’s hottest pepper? 

Verdelicious- It ain’t easy being green. Tomatillos lend a very unique flavor of old world Mexico to this spicy salsa. It makes all other salsas green with envy!

More to come!!