About Us

Mission Statement:  We at Naked Salsa are not only dedicated to providing a quality product but to also enhance the salsa experience by highlighting the unique qualities to each pepper that nature grows.  By committing our product to be made in small batches, Naked Salsa will consistently deliver flavor and freshness to the customer while ensuring a healthy snack favorite with no preservatives or chemical additives.

Amy & Darrell Jennings

Naked Salsa was born just a few years ago in our kitchen as a yummy recipe that friends and family enjoyed.  There was no measuring of ingredients and the peppers we used were usually just what we had laying around.  But the more salsa we made, the more our friends and family wanted.

Today, we still make our salsa in small batches and put in the same fresh ingredients and maintain no artificial preservatives.  Even though our salsa is no longer made in our home kitchen, the same loving care goes into each container to ensure that only the best product is delivered to all our friends who enjoy getting Naked at home.

We also find it very important to do our part to reduce the impact on the environment by recycling nearly every container our ingredients come in!  Approximately 95% of our waste is recycled and we have now started a composting operation to save our “pepper scraps”.  We encourage everyone to save all cardboard, plastic and aluminum/steel containers and keep as much out of our landfill as possible.  Our children will thank you!


Our Children: 

Together we have 5 children.  Yes, now you know why we started this company!  We need to feed these children!
No, really- we are striving to leave a legacy for our children to show them what hard work and perseverance can achieve.  Each of the children has played some part in supporting Naked Salsa.  The older ones like helping label containers and the younger ones have fun tasting and mixing flavors and creating the “salsa suicide.” We work well together and in the end we all enjoy the “Fruits”  of our labor.